What are Marijuana Strains? Strain Definitions Published on September 12th, 2022 by admin

If you’ve heard the words, “Sativa” “Indica” or maybe even “Northern Lights” you actually know more about strains than you think.

You may have also seen the term “strain” when you’re reading products in a dispensary menu or online menu. It was only after the legalization of medical marijuana that terms like “weed strains” or “marijuana strains” really started to get defined for us.

Dispensaries now have a variety of strain options that range from energetic to muscle relaxing, sleep-inducing… and to add to that, different flavor profile options for you to choose from.

The cannabis lifestyle we’re living now is very different than the days when you had whatever weed your “plug” or “guy” had available. Now that we have a variety of different options to choose from, let’s make sure we’re educating ourselves on what all of it even means!

So, What Really is a Cannabis Strain…?

A Basic Understanding of Cannabis Strains:

In biology terms, a strain is a genetic variant of a species. Plant strains are variations of the same species that share a common ancestor.

A marijuana strain is the type of classification that determines the plant’s chemical makeup and physical appearance, along with its potential medical effects. Cannabis strains are also sometimes referred to as cultivars, chemovars, chemotypes, or varieties.

Many producers crossbreed cannabis plants to develop new strains with specific characteristics. Experts suggest that there are over 700 strains of cannabis.

Types of Cannabis Strains:

The basic and most commonly known marijuana strains are Sativa, Indica, & Hybrid. It’s important to note that each strain has different characteristics and effects.

So, how can you tell the difference between strains? Some of the major differences between strains are the flavor profiles. Terpenes. Terpenes are oils that distinguish and generate flavors and aromas of different strains. Terpenes are what we can attribute to the unique experience that each strain gives us.

It’s often said that Sativa, Indica, & Hybrid are known for specific types of effects… for example, sleep-inducing or energizing. It’s important to note that the effects of one strain, let’s say Blue Dream or Girl Scout Cookies… from one dispensary to the next can be completely different. A strain’s characteristics can be different from grower to grower. Why?

Different growing, harvesting and processing conditions inevitably result in varying cannabinoid and terpene contents.

So your best bet at finding the flower that works for you is to start by looking at the chemical composition (THC to CBD ratio) and possible effects described by the brand or cultivator that grew it, rather than the strain name alone. On our online site, you can easily access the description details of each product (see the picture at the bottom of this article along with our team’s favorite strains).


Since cannabis is a lot more accessible today than ever before It’s time to get clear, accurate information on the effects of different cannabis strains for medical and recreational purposes.

Cannabis cultivators often crossbreed cannabis plants to create new strains. New strains are being created every day that have different levels of THC, CBD, and many other physiologically active compounds & effects.

It’s important to understand the composition, and physiological and mental effects of cannabis plants so that you can choose the most appropriate product for you.

Descriptions to look out for & our team’s favorite strains below!