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Your Green package

About us

About Your Green Package

Your Green Package is a licensed Marijuana Courier and B2B Transporter in Massachusetts

We take pride in our unique position as a majority women and minority-owned business, proudly standing as the sole social equity-owned transporter in Massachusetts. Our track record boasts a remarkable 98% success rate, ensuring on-time and reliable deliveries that you can trust. Join us in defining cannabis transport with a commitment to diversity, reliability, and responsible service.

Cannabis Consumer Delivery

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Business to Business Cannabis
Transport Services

Our Values


We believe that having a diverse workforce is key to our success. It is important that every employee, customer, and stakeholder feel comfortable to be their authentic selves. 72% of staff made up of Women, POC, Veterans, or LGBTQ+.


The cannabis industry is brand new and constantly changing. We must be willing to constantly educate and re-educate ourselves, employees, and customers on these changes and innovations.


We strive for success in every aspect of our business. By providing our employees with right tools, training, and education to elevate themselves so they provide a positive experience to our customers.

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